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Port Authority


New York, NY

When Art Solutions were awarded the windows in the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal we had the idea of giving back to the community, while also providing an artistic experience that would stop people in their tracks.

We decided to work in collaboration with NYC public school to help bring some color and art into their space by creating a “Legacy  Mural” to permanently fit into their cafeteria when the exhibition was over.  It was a legacy for the 5th grade, PS 151’s (Yorkville Community School) first graduating class.

Upon meeting with YCS’s Principal, Samantha Kaplan and art teacher, Joanne Wasti, we decided to create the mural depicting a few of the varied Thematic Units they have studied throughout their journey at YCS. We worked with Mural artist Dan Fenalon.  The dragon, the school mascot, symbolizes the power and strength of our school community.

While working on this project, we saw just how strong the school community is.  Parents and children showed up in the evening to work on this project, as well as the 5th grade classes during the school day to all collaborate and create this joyful work of art.

The “Sculpture Garden” signifies a fantasy landscape inspired by nature.  It’s amorphic forms engage the viewer  in creating a world of their own in a cheerful frolic through the garden.

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