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We help you to determine a budget, select the art, place, frame and install.

Develop an Art  Program

Art Solutions will develop a comprehensive plan from start to finish.  We will walk through your space and discuss to determine the best artwork to give your facility the desired look and image.  We will manage the process from the budget development through the selection to installation.

Appraisal & Inventory

Our appraisals include Division of Property, Charitable Donations, Estate Tax Reporting, Insurance Scheduling and Sales Advisory.  We also do art asset cataloging and database formatting.  Our reports are in strict compliance with the rules and regulations of the American Appraisers Association (ASA), The Appraisers Associaton of America (AAA), and the most recent edition of The Universal Standard of Professional Appraisal Practices of the Appraisal Foundation (USPAP).

Installation of New or Existing Collection

Nothing is worse than trying to hang our own artwork and hanging it at the wrong height. Our professional installers will hang your artwork to complete the project. We will even place an existing collection to make it look as if the art was bought specifically for the site. We have a network of national installers and are able to handle projects nationally.   Security lock installation is available.

Art Rental

Leasing artwork allows our clients flexibility and the discovery of a fresh and changing environment.

Covid-19 Artistic Plexi Divider
or Privacy Window

Enhance your plexiglass separation panels and any windows, glass elements with art. Your PPE dividers and windows can be aesthetic and relaxing as well. We help you create a flow and match these surfaces to your art collection.

Covid-19 Required Signage

We can provide installation or framing of any new signage required in the workplace due to the Covid 19 pandemic, including framing that is flexible to change that you can change out easily.

Collection Management

We handle large databases in a cloud-based program built for art management systems.  The benefit of using the cloud is that our clients will have access to make changes or look at their collection at any time.

Framing & Reframing

Art Solutions has a network of framers that provide top-quality custom framing. We offer hundreds of selections of moldings. We also offer hand-crafted archival-grade framing with mitered corners.   

If you want to refresh your existing art, we will reframe what you have and give it a new look. It will seem as everything was bought new.

Art Restoration

We manage art restoration through our vast network of restorers, including oil paintings, paper, photography, sculpture, and frames.  Whether it is fire and smoke damage, water, age or mold, etc. we will have your artwork restored to look like new.

Art Moves Management

Handling art with Kid Gloves.  We will manage your special art moves, so your generic moving company won’t destroy your art.  We will take extra special care to ensure your art arrives at its destination intact.

Art Storage

If you don’t have the room for your art long-term or just need to store it for a short time, we will help you manage your collection in a climate-controlled, state-of-the-art facility, where it will be inventoried, tagged, monitored and safely stored.

Artistic Mask

We can supply artistic masks for your workforce that enhances creativity in this current situation.


the process

We see the project through from the development of your art program to installation.  The process of developing an art acquisition program is listed below.


We will meet to determine your art needs, goals, and tastes.


Deliver and install

Deliver and install


Review blueprints or actual sites to determine art placement.


Deliver and install

Deliver and install


We will walk through your space and interview you to determine the best plan to give your space the look to create the desired image.


Deliver and install

Deliver and install


Create an initial art presentation, either through actually bringing art to your office or PowerPoint in person or remotely.


Deliver and install

Deliver and install


Finessing art presentation and work towards final art selection


Deliver and install

Deliver and install


Determine framing options and oversee framing.


Deliver and install

Deliver and install


Deliver and install


Deliver and install

Deliver and install

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